Banking, Energy & Sandwiches-League Naming Rights in Women’s Football

The latest UEFA Club Benchmarking Report sheds a bright light on women's football in Europe. Among many themes covered in the report is the commercial context, and more specifically, what's the leagues naming rights sponsorship landscape looks like? While the report shares an overview of the sponsorship sector, it does not

Sign, Announce, Repeat? How clubs announce new signings online

Exodus, that’s how the transfer market movements can be described. Given the market conditions, many transfers are on a free basis so it’s easier for players to switch clubs. The signing of a new player and its announcement had long become an exciting piece of content for fans to consume

Sponsorship Activation & Moral Imagination: Examples from Women’s Football

Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, our awareness of the World Health Organization (WHO), was probably somewhere in our subconscious mind. Google Trends data shows that during the last five years the only time online search for the term World Health Organization peaked was in mid-March 2020. Back in October 2019,

Multi-team ownership groups: Can the City Football Group & Red Bull model work in women’s football?

Amid speculations over the summer about European football clubs entering the USA women’s football scene involving FC Barcelona and the NWSL, we’ve eventually witnessed the first collaboration between European and American entities through the acquisition of an NWSL team. OL Groupe, the company who owns the French football club Olympique

The way forward? Inside FIFA’s, UEFA’s and Concacaf’s Women’s Football Strategy

One after the other they are released. And no, we're not talking about players. We are referring to the women's football strategies released by football's top governing bodies. First, it was FIFA that outlined the organization's plan to grow women's football on a global level in October 2018. A few months