Sponsorship Activation & Moral Imagination: Examples from Women’s Football

Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, our awareness of the World Health Organization (WHO), was probably somewhere in our subconscious mind. Google Trends data shows that during the last five years the only time online search for the term World Health Organization peaked was in mid-March 2020. Back in October 2019,

Storm Ciara: How the women’s football pyramid reacted online

Uncertainty. As England braced itself for the arrival and impact of Storm Ciara, football fans across the country remained on edge wondering, will they see any football over the weekend? As the storm gradually grew in strength between Saturday and Sunday the fans got their answers. Match postponed, called off, phrases

5 things we learned from the 2020 NWSL College Draft

Many rooms were occupied at the Baltimore Convention Center last week. Different talks, sessions, and presentations took place all revolving around football coaching. One room in particular held a special event, the NWSL College Draft. The concept of the draft is not completely alien to those who come from the European

Multi-team ownership groups: Can the City Football Group & Red Bull model work in women’s football?

Amid speculations over the summer about European football clubs entering the USA women’s football scene involving FC Barcelona and the NWSL, we’ve eventually witnessed the first collaboration between European and American entities through the acquisition of an NWSL team. OL Groupe, the company who owns the French football club Olympique

UEFA Women’s Champions League: The Devil is in The Details

Towards the end of 2018, a unique announcement came out of UEFA. For the first time ever, the governing body has unbundled the commercial rights of its women’s football competitions to be sold separately. The move set a wave of comments in the football industry and among all those comments two