Fantasy Football Needs to be a Reality in Women’s Competitions

Fantasy football for years has been a dominant tool of engagement for leagues and tournaments to gamify the fan experience and keep fans connected with the game between matches.

From the Premier League to the MLS, Fantasy football crosses physical borders and allows fans from all over the world to compete in every league that provides it.

When looking at Women’s football competitions in Europe all the big leagues are missing out on Fantasy Football! Even the FIFA Women’s World Cup that is set to begin soon has recently tweeted an evasive response to a fan asking about it. Instead, it tried to encourage the fan to sign up to other gaming features of thee tournament.

A fan asking about Fantasy Football on Twitter
The official account reply

So why Fantasy Football should be introduced into women’s football competitions?

  • Commercial opportunities: Fantasy Football is a digital engagement and can be used as another right to be added into existing sponsorship packages but also as a prime sponsorship on it’s own. The Premier League’s fantasy football interface is brought by EA Sports.
  • Content: Fantasy Football generates content. Fans follow dedicated Twitter accounts that provide tips on Fantasy Football. Results from a Matchday linked to fantasy football scores is another piece of content to be utilised.
  • Increase Awareness: Through Fantasy football fans get to know players and learn more about them and the teams they play for.
  • Gamification & Rewards: Fans enjoy the competitive aspect of fantasy football and often set prizes among themselves for the leagues they participate in. In addition, sponsors can offer unique experiences to fantasy football users.

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